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Janine Harrington

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Those of you familiar with the RAF 100 Group Association will of course also be very familiar with Janine Harrington and know about all the wonderful work she did whilst she was secretary of the association.


I would like to let you know that she has just recently published her latest book, which is a very personal account of her life living with terminal cancer - more details below.




FINAL JOURNEY – Living with Terminal Cancer

by Janine Harrington




What would it mean to you to be told you have only six months left to live? How would you cope? What might you do? Having spent five years living with terminal Cancer, the author invites Readers to share her final journey.


It is a remarkable book in many ways, bringing together a rich variety of personal stories, art, poems, prayers, interspersed with nuggets of truth. It also provides positive ways to embrace the overall Cancer experience, creating tools to support others feeling vulnerable and helpless, battling a disease over which there is no cure or control.


Dying is something we all experience at some point in our life. It is the one journey we all share. Yet talking about Death remains a taboo subject. It makes people uncomfortable. People are afraid. But it happens anyway! There is nothing we can do to change that final outcome.


The only way through this final chapter of our lives is to open our hearts. Bringing the subject of Death into the open can eradicate fear. After all, what is there to be afraid of, apart from the unknown? Sharing experiences is the only way to open the gateway to knowledge and truth. Understanding makes it easier on ourselves, learning how to approach our own end in a positive, compassionate way, with dignity and respect rather than fear.


As with all her writings, Janine’s book is born of commitment and courage. Her words are emotive, compelling, funny, thought-provoking, inspired. She writes with a passion, from the heart, hoping to reach others experiencing these same circumstances, knowing what it is to journey along life’s narrow path … awaiting God’s Call to take her to her Spiritual Home.


Available direct from Amazon, hardback, or soft cover: £8.99


Published in March 2022 by FeedARead, supported by the world’s top publishers.


Contact address: 7 Ashley Court, Filey, North Yorkshire YO14 9LS