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Heroes Of Our Time

Many thanks to Janine Harrington for allowing us to use these memories on the website, it will allow a much wider audience to remember the amazing work these veterans did for our country




F/Lt Henry Bradfield (Hank) Cooper


A Bombers Moon? The Reminiscences of a ‘Met Girl’


Ted Gomersall


Life At RAF Swannington by Bryan Gale


Mr F L Richards (Richie)


Vic Willis


F/Sgt Arthur Bradley


Len Bartram - Co Founder of RAF 100 Group Association


Leonard Jack Vowler


F/Lt Jack Brigham DFC


Air Vice-Marshal Jack Furner


Arthur Fitch


Operational Connectivity


Flt/Lt Tony Morris, DFC, RCA


Big Ben & Arnhem By Bill Foskett (F/O)


Group Captain George Cubby


William James & Arthur Birkett Croman


Life with Sterlings on 214 by Bob Moorby


Wing Commander Donaldson, DSO and Bar, DFC


John Hereford


ABC Jamming: One Man's View


Visiting a Crash Site


We'll Meet Again By George Fisher (Ginger)


Bob Moorby


Night Sortie By Eric Clarkson


Reminiscence By Ernie Hughes


Flight Lieutenant Richard (Dick) William Dobson


Royal Air Force Oulton, September 1944 by Peter Lovatt


Bryan D Gale Flt/Lt RAF


One of our Junkers has Landed by John Powell


Squadron Leader Bevis Denton "Bob" Davies AFC RAF


Wing Commander Peter Dunning-White


Aircrew Veteran Scores 90 Not Out!


My Uncle Leslie Hadder


"Witchcraft" by Clive L Anthony


A Visit to RAF Oulton & Blickling Hall July 2010


No 515 Squadron


Tales from George’s Scrapbook/Box


Identifying a Link Between RAF 100 Group & The Dambusters (617 Squadron)


American WWII pilot returns to England to unveil Memorial to his fallen comrades


Alan Mercer Former Navigator 214 Squadron, 100 Group


How I Came to 100 Group … and Beyond


Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree


Jimmy Hollingworth


Wing Commander David Donaldson


George Honeyman


The Beast of Bourbon


Mervyn Utas


Flight Lieutenant L D Gregory DFC


That Was A Long Time Ago - John Eggert


Only Fifteen Minutes More


Caroline McKenzie York Hutton


Locating the Crash Site of Flying Fortress Mark III HB815 BU-J


The Story of Brothers Nick & Paul Horrox and Jean Sedman


Flight Sergeant E ‘Mick’ Stirrop, Air Gunner with 223 Squadron


F/O Bryan P. Helme - No. 192 Squadron, Foulsham


‘On a Wing and a Prayer’


George Fisher


Found in Gemany: After 70 Years: the lost Lancaster Bomber Crew


Don Francis - From Bernelli to Blue Streak


Flight Officer Reggie Wade


Flight Officer Sgt John McLaren


Philip Albert Arnold


Roger Jones


Peggy Frewen Henry


Flt/Lt Ronald Walter Johnson RAFVR


George Stewart DFC


Always Take a Padre on a Mission


Sister Laurence


Kenneth Wynne CD Macdonald


Andrew Charles Mynarski


The only Things I have ever Regretted are the Things I have not Done!’


Mystery in Yorkshire


ANZAC Day in New Zealand


After The Flying


Len Abbs


William Searle Vale and Alfred Edward David Ashcroft


Flt/Lt Robert Oliver Belton


Flt/Lt Doug Gregory DFC


Norman T. L. Storey


Love at First Flight - George Stewart DFC


In Memory of Mascots


It's Never Too Late


Award of Highest Military Honour


70th Anniversary of Final Operation


Mid-air Collison Between B-17 and German Fighter


Ex-Spitfire Pilot turns 100 years old!!


Wing Commander Branse Burbridge DSO DFC


Flt Lt Sidney Pike


Flight Officer Shirley Bellwood (nee Peek)


Flt Lt Clifford Rhind: Canadian Mosquito Pilot


Eager Eagle - The Wartime Story behind a new Plaque at Foulsham


Kenneth Norman Joseph Croft


Two Young Yanks Adopt a British Family


Bombs From The B-26


Arthur Baxter Reid


William Herbert Glyn Thomas


Squadron Leader John Herbert Crotch DFC


Flt/Lt Michael Crosbie


Douglas Holmes Moore


RAF Swannington (Haveringland) Remembered


Charles Blackley Hamilton DFC


Alfred Joseph Mansfield


Pat and Albert Barnard


Mosquitos & Merlins - MM677: Gone, but not Forgotten


Peter Eric Harold Lovatt


Ernest W. Hughes


Pilot Officer P. G. Nash


Flt Lt Rex Waters


Lester Lee Jones


Deacon Joseph Melita


Art Brusila


My War at RAF Oulton by F/Sgt Sidney Pike


John Frederick Davidson Wincott


B17's vs Stirlings


Bernie How


A Lysander Returns To Tangmere


Halifax Bomber Recovery


RAF 100 Group 75th Anniversary Year 1943 - 2018


Adventures Abroad


Légion d’Honneur for British World War II Veterans


RAF West Raynham - WRAF Cathy Weston


RAF Crash Over Holt


Wartime at North Creake


John Gwynedd Wynne DFC


A WAAF at Foulsham


Electronic Warfare Mossies over Germany - Edward Roy Taylor


Bomber Command Australia


Brotherly Love - American Twins Who Fought & Died Off the Norfolk Coast


A Celebration of the Life of Eileen Boorman


Sheffield Pensioner Pays Tribute - ‘Mi Amigo’


Bikes Honour Bomber Crew


Final Plea to Save RAF Control Tower


Arthur Baxter Reid - ‘Per Ardua ad Astra: Through Hardships to the Stars’


Tapestry of Time


The Early Birds


In Memory - Vern Scantleton DFC


"Lucky Piggy" - Arthur Pigott Biography